Garden Games

Enjoy all the fun and competitiveness that our giant wooden garden games have to offer! All wooden, neutral toned games to fit in with any theme and to provide classic, stylish entertainment. Great fun for adults and children alike and perfect for any summer wedding or party! Keep your guests entertained and make unforgettable memories!

They come as a set of six but please get in contact if you’d just like a few! The set includes:

Giant Jenga.

Build towers of up to 1m tall with these lovely solid blocks, you can’t go wrong with a game of jenga out on the lawn! *warning they are quite heavy when all stacked up so young children will need to be supervised*

Giant Connect 4.

This lovely wooden connect 4 has be painted a deep forest green to imitate the real thing! It is an adult sized giant game so you don’t have to squat on the floor to play! But the kids will no doubt enjoy this game too!!


Also known as hoopla- throw the rope hoops onto the wooden pegs. Larger than your average garden quoits, this great game is fantastic quality and has a lovely chic but vintage style to it.

Giant Noughts and Crosses.

Gorgeous rope and wooden large noughts and crosses game. We have two of these so you are welcome to hire an extra one if you like!

Pick up sticks.

Large set of pick up sticks, see who can pick one up without moving any! Lovely vintage game to teach the kids to play!


Who doesn’t love a limbo!? Such a good party game for all the family and great fun after a few drinks! Are you king or queen of the limbo?


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